Name: Bryan Horn
I Am: Teacher
Years in Rochester: 1975-1998; back 4-5 times a year, 38 years old
Current Home: Brewster, NY

Dear Rochester,

Your name represents a city divided by suburban sprawl and economic disparity, but your name is a steady and stalwart reminder of all that was and all that can be, with some "shoulda" and "coulda" sprinkled on top. Despite the numerous suburbs surrounding the Genesee Falls and the downtown city-scape, when I run into people from Fairport and Greece and Pittsford, they all say they're from Rochester and that means something. I am from Charlotte and I say Rochester but I write of Charlotte: of biker bars, expensive beach-front homes, summer crime, the smell of fish-fry fro the LDR and the home of the Lighthouse rising into the sky. Despite living 5 hours away, you're always there when I call. Thanks for being you, Rochester.