Name: Trista Wilson 
I Am: mom and teacher with a love/hate relationship with Rochester winters but figures it’s probably time to get over it and just go sledding
Years in Rochester: 20 years in total 
Current Home: Highland Park Neighborhood 

My Dearest Rochester,

I know I have not always been faithful. I left you briefly for Buffalo. But please know that she cannot ever compete with you my darling. Sure, her chicken wings were scrumptious. But she doesn’t have your garbage plate. I must also confess that I had a fleeting fling with Oswego. And although you can be cold for about 9 months of the year, she was downright frigid. Please don’t take offense. I love all of your seasons, I do. But you have to admit my dear, that on your sunny days, life is quite wonderful. I can visit Lake Ontario and enjoy a chocolate almond ice cream at Abbotts. In the fall there is hiking, apple picking and trick-or-treating. And even on your coldest days, I know I can always enjoy gingerbread creations at the George Eastman House, a movie at the Cinema, ice-skating at Manhattan Square Park, or a cross-country ski in Highland Park. So my love, I hope you will consider taking me back. I promise to be loyal, at least until mid-February, and then I may need a temporary tryst with Florida.

All my love,