We received this message from Dr. Amol Shrikhande via email. Dr. Shrikhande did more than write Rochester a Love Note...he wrote a book:

Dear Rochester Love Notes,

As a transplant to Rochester in 2010, I was struck by the discrepancy between the often poor perception of Rochester outside the region and the remarkably pleasant reality that exists.     

In a grassroots effort to help rebrand the region, I recently wrote a very short book entitled Rochesternomics: Why, Statistically Speaking, You Should Live in Rochester, NY.  The hope of the book is to use objective data to overcome perception and reveal a hidden gem. Eleven areas are highlighted, namely economy, education, music/art, leisure, cost of living, commute times, weather, taxes, transportation, ingenuity, and onward thinking.

Here is the link on Amazon which provides a look inside:


I am emailing simply to bring this resource to your attention, as I thought it might be of interest to you!


Thank you.


Amol Shrikhande