Name: Pamela Rodgers
I Am: Consultant, MC Coach; StressPoint, Effective Strategies for Healthy Living 
Years in Rochester: 38 
Current Home: Homes Acres 

Dear Rochester,

My friend Laura's co-creation of Rochester Love Notes inspired me to write a fan letter to you, our city. I have never written a fan letter but you deserve our attention. I'll move past my shyness to proclaim my affection. Here are just five things I love about you:

The Public Market on a cold, snowy Saturday before the Christmas Holiday. Here I'll run into other like minded souls all bundled up to buy fresh produce, wreaths, trees or something from the indoor market. I end my visit with a warm cup of Joe and might run into the Market Band belting out oldies and maybe see a Santa or two!

The Patrick O'Rorke bridge is a beautiful structure but far more important is the man our city chose to honor. Patrick O'Rorke was born in Ireland in 1838 and emigrated with his family a year later, moving to Rochester in 1842. O'Rorke began distinguishing himself in school as very bright and graduated high school with highest honors. He was appointed as a cadet to West Point where he graduated first in his class. In 1864, in one of the most bloody battles of the Civil War at Gettysburg, O'Rorke led his Union brigade into a heroic battle to capture Little Round Top. He was killed in the Confederate counterattack while hoisting his units colors, attempting to encourage his men forward. His funeral in Rochester was attended by hundreds. The event was credited with unifying Rochester's diverse community and instilling pride in our city. An important thing to remember when admiring and passing over the bridge that holds his name.

I admire the hours given by over 250 medical volunteers at the St.Joseph's Neighborhood Center.The Center provides comprehensive health care, counseling, adult education and social work to individuals and families who lack access to health insurance. Director Christine Wagner, SSJ. reports that over fifteen hundred patients have visited the medical center totaling over twenty thousand visits per year! What's not to love?

I love the wine column written by Holly Howell in the Democrat and Chronicle. Howell, a Rochester native, is one of a few Certified Sommelier in our city. That may sound very serious (and high honor) but Holly is down to earth with her suggestion to branch out a bit and try wines perhaps unknown to us. Holly is a HUGE advocate of our Finger Lakes wines, suggesting we all ask to see more on local restaurant's wine lists. Reading Holly's column is a fun way to go to school. 

The yearly Rochester International Jazz Fest! I can buy a Jazz Pass that let's me select from hundreds of music venues in downtown Rochester in the pretty month of June. Or dance in the street to some of the best free musical entertainment to be found in one place, anywhere. Created by John Nugent, Artistic Director and Marc Iacona, Executive Director. The title sponsor is Xerox. It's a must. This is our city at her best!

So pardon my fan letter to our lovely city. It's a love fest and maybe I've gotten over being shy about it. Who else? What do you love about our unique city?