Name: Evan Lowenstein

I am: Dad, husband, from Painted Post in the Southern Tier, eternally awestruck by nature and humanity and committed to preserving both"

Years in Rochester: 1999-2013

Current Home: Charlottesville, Virginia

Dear Rochester, 

I have left you but I'll always love you. 

I will miss...

...the peace of Highland Park under a blanket of fresh snow
...bumping into friends at the Market shopping at the Market on a crisp fall day, coffee in hand 
...the smiles and laughter of kids busting through the doors of School 23 
...the kindness of my neighbors on my beloved Arlington Street beautiful--and affordable--masterpiece of an old house  
...the cooling breezes off the Lake on a hot summer day 
...the breathtaking beech trees 
...greeting folks on their porches on a sultry summer night 
...saying I share a hometown with Frederick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony 
...the civic pride and spirit that makes Rochester so special 

Thank you for fourteen wonderful years. I hope I gave as much as I received. 

Evan Lowenstein